Saturday, June 20, 2015

The peanut, as delicious as ever

Here we are, eight months after Parker was born. She's crawling, exploring, eating like a heavyweight champ, and sleeping nearly 12 hours every night. It's a good phase. Adult activities are seeping in. With her sleeping so much, we are watching an episode of Bloodline every night and reading before bed. Sometimes I even wake in the morning to exercise or write. It's very sporadic, but it's a start.

I had my first business trip a couple weeks ago, jaunting over to London and Geneva for a mere three nights. It was a good test: I had a really good trip, enjoying the wine and movies on Virgin and the thrill of a new business pitch, while Andrew proved again to be the ultimate partner and dad, taking care of our not-so-little peanut. 
In between all the work and running around is a lot of hanging out. Watching Parker. Playing with her.
The crawling means we need to keep a close eye on her. She is so fast and curious. She puts magazines and socks and stroller wheels in her mouth and grabs everything from Milo's tail to mama's hair. (Milo's exhausted.)
She's a little monkey. She uses her mudgy little feet to hold her toys so she can contemplate them. It's fascinating watching a baby grow and develop; to see them figuring things out and constantly learning new skills.
She has her first bud: Nate. 

We do a nanny share with a couple in the building. Nate is two months younger than Parker and was born prematurely, but he's catching up with her. It's adorable now to see them acknowledging each other and "playing" together.

It's also funny to see that Parker is beginning to recognize the camera and smile for it.
She's a proud little peanut. Fierce, funny, sweet, loving. My favorite thing is giving her her bottle in the morning, when I can cuddle her and smell her fuzzy little head. I've never felt anything as soft as her chubby little thighs. She is simply a joy.


  1. I see Milo is on nanny duty also .. does she get all excited when she sees him ?
    She is adorable .. Your morning cuddle will be one of those things you will still remember clearly when you are a very old woman / grandmother :)
    She sure is growing fast ... slow down Parker !! give her a kiss from me ..

  2. Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures- what a little lovebug!! & that last shot is the cutest cobra pose ever! :)

  3. She is a gorgeous little thing! Lovely that things are panning out well. The Nanny share is a great arrangement. Xx

  4. Awe, such muddy goodness. I love Parker's dexterity, so clever. Thanks for sharing your photos and stories. I am overjoyed to hear things are going so well.

    Happy Father's Day to Andrew!!!

  5. I meant to type "mudgy goodness" in my post above.
    Damn auto correct.

  6. Soooo adorable.
    Fun to see her grow.

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